Saturday, September 20, 2014

Forex Trading Day 13


Small profit for the day.
A friend's brother applied for USD 10 million Alibaba shares through an American Bank and was allocated only 18 shares.  The poor don't even stand a chance. It's sure money for those who are allocated.


Unknown said...


Their traders are based in Singapore but they use a forex broker based in HK. Your money would be safer if they had used a Singapore based FX broker like Oanda Singapore. Their algo would work irrespective of which broker they use. Partnering with an overseas FX broker is the first alarm.

They seems to give lame excuse for not revealing the identity of their traders based in Singapore or where they trade from (home based traders?). Second alarm - not truthful or not transparent. The guy Adrian does not even dare to reveal his full name or his face in his website.

Everyone who participates allocated the same trade, which is fine provided the trades are real. Have they any proof of actual trades done like number of lots done and price executed for all participants?

Sunshine Empire, Genneva Gold, Gold Guarantee all had their own ways to convince the public to invest. 5% to 10% monthly returns equates to 60% to 120% return per year. This type of return will attract money everywhere and anywhere.

I will put all my savings into this scheme if I can be assured that my capital will be safe. I am not afraid of daily losses from the forex trades but the possibility that the FX broker may disappear with my deposited money.

What excuse they will come up with for not using a Singapore based FX broker?


Fat88Trader said...

Here is a video of the biggest scam in the History of Mankind.

Indeed, there are some alarm being sounded by me earlier.

I am trying to figure out how they trade through the same 8 set of currency pairs at roughly the same time every day. From the timing it seems that they took position before the currency futures close for the day and square off the position when Globex comes in. Probably, they are trying to take advantage of the price disparity during this period.

I have posted my statement daily for the trades done and allocated according to the margin in the account. It will take sometime to find out how true the trades are which I have been questioning.

I don't mind paying the 30% performance fee to the traders at the end of the month for their effort if they are able to make money for me through genuine trades.

It's definitely a risk that the public will need to know before putting their money in.

worstalentscout said...

so how ?...........this proven to be a scheme or scam ?