Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Forex Trading Day 9

Didn't disappoint, more like an expectation.


coconut said...

i told you to increase your capital, didn't i?!


are we expecting something to happen or what haha...

coconut said...

very soon they might have to stop accepting more investment if keep going like that.

coconut said...

yesterday and this morning busy selling my investment which i bought around march this year, can't stand it any longer haha.

i'm going short the stock market.

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


For me its limited upside and unlimited downside.

For Fat is increase capital.

It's clear!

coconut, you sayang me more!

But why?

Fat and me same same pattern - both shining heads.


Singapore Man of Leisure said...


That was fast!

6 months as investment time frame?

But of course!

To a trader, 6 months is eternity!


Kopi on you!

coconut said...

i'm shameful of going back to investment blog, i boast i'll never sell my investment no matter what.

no medicine can cure.

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


Yesterday is yesterday; tomorrow is tomorrow.


Today got drink; today drunk!

You're cool :)

coconut said...

i really feel relief after sold all my holdings, even thought i did not get the best prices. cannot express in words, almost like near death experience.

i keep asking why am i risking so much for just 4% return annually?! make no sense at all if i can make more by trading, with almost zero risk.

i know, fat is going to bombard me again but its true!

Fat88Trader said...

Bombard you for what? You are one of those professional traders that I respect and still surviving against the big boys. Keep it up !

Not many floor traders are able to make it trading against the Algos, most have given up just like me and move on, those were the days. We can only go for longer term value investing.