Friday, February 20, 2015

Risk Taking

Wish All a Happy Lunar New Year of the Goat and may all have a Prosperous year ahead.

I have been a high risk taker, lucky to make some money but unfortunately lose back quite a fair bit in highly risky ventures. I have stop posting the so call managed Forex Trading on my blog as I find it increasingly risky as time goes by.  More and more friends are asking me to join them in this scheme of fantastic good returns from unknown traders.

I told them that I have already put in some money and warned them about the extremely high risk involved. I caution them that it might collapse one day with all their money vanished without any recourse. There are just too many such scheme going on, so go in with your eyes open and be aware of the risk.

I expect one day this Forex trading would collapse if the authorities start investigation on how genuine the trades are, such bogus trades can be created unless it's traded with regulated and reputable brokers.  I can see that they are able to cover the loopholes quite well and raise funds legally, so it might be safe at the moment.  Of course, I have started to withdraw my profits to reduce the risk.

Who is not greedy for higher returns? Greed come with higher risk taking because the whole system don't reward putting money in the bank. With such low interest, money in the bank devalues rather fast with today's inflation.

Just join a site that's rather interesting, , it's free (at the moment) for those who want to learn how to invest and exchange investment ideas.