Friday, September 19, 2014

Forex Trading Day 12

This is something that I like to see as their performance seems too good to be true.  Many of my friends in the trading community, including myself are doubtful for the way they raise funds through the MLM system.  Are all these genuine trades?  Forex brokers are not regulated and I am unable to smell anything fishy at the moment. I am aware of the risk.


coconut said...

which broker is your account under?

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


Hey! That changes everything!

Then I'm not interested anymore.

There are so many avenues of distribution for managed accounts - be it by licensed brokers or MAS approved financial institutions.

Why would I want to get involve with anything remotely connected to MLM?

coconut said...

whats MLM? multi-level marketing?

Singapore Man of Leisure said...



Fat88Trader said...

Well not all MLM companies are bad though there are many rotten eggs that gave the industry a very bad name. Agreed that many have been cheated through this MLM platform, especially those associated with fast money game.

I have highlighted many times about the risk involved when it comes to trading and funds being managed even by big names.

The money that I placed with is Truimph Global (Asia) Limited in my own name which I can stop the trading and withdraw my funds anytime without penalty.

So meantime I will just monitor the performance of the traders.