Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Forex Trading Day 10

I thought only capable for small gains.


Singapore Man of Leisure said...


Biggest profitable day to date!

And the biggest loss day to date does not exceed $4 !?

Now that's what I call good risk/reward ratio!

coconut will probably come as say 1 swallow does not a summer make ;)


coconut said...

thats what i thought also!

i can never match this kind of returns with my current system!

coconut said...

not even close!

coconut said...

but it also indicate the underlining risk is much bigger than i thought it was.

coconut said...

what i mean is that in spread trading, its better to have a plus and a minus, if both trades are in the money, then it also means that they can all go out of the money.

i don't see any control unless its a multiple spread. spread within the spread. they have 3 pairs!

Fat88Trader said...

Well, yes, I went in with my eyes wide open and know the risk involved. Their performance is quite unbelievable so far, with very good profit/loss ratio.

I always wonder whether they fake the trades in cahoots with the brokers. Can this be done to deceive the investors? This is my biggest worry, that's why I invested an amount that I can sleep over with.