Saturday, September 13, 2014

Forex Trading Day 8

A slow and steady progress.  It's always the same 8 pairs and around the same timing.  Just one trade per pair, anything fishy? 

But it's still better then funds managed by our 2 biggest local banks here which I have personally experience losing big time putting money with them.  I was convinced by the managers that they have the best professional fund managers with years of experience and award winning team to manage my funds.  It's a bloody marketing con job that's perfectly legal with nice brochures. And they still charge management fees yearly for losing and underperforming.


Singapore Man of Leisure said...

It's a good live case study for me to do "reverse engineering".

I am guessing this time frame is chosen because most Asian traders will be shutting their PCs for the day, while the European markets are nearing their noon lunch times?

Unlike most forex intraday traders who prefer the more volatile European opening, US opening, and European closing time frames, this spread trading strategy prefers a slower and less volatile time frame?


Fat88Trader said...

Yes, their strategy is to trade in a non volatile condition, it would also be more difficult to sniff out price disparity during this period.

coconut said...

smol, spread trading in this formet you have limited upside and unlimited downside, very much like short options trade. volatility can kill you.

coconut said...

let say if you are a medic, would you go out in the battle field to retreave the wounded during the fire fight or after?

these guys are the medic, they are not the soldier.

Fat88Trader said...

Well, there are many medics who never experience war or being in a battle field. Combat medics are soldiers, they are trained.

It comes back to No Risk No Gain, High Risk High Returns.

As the Cantonese saying goes "If one like to eat salted fish, must be able to bear the thirst"

Even putting money in the Bank is not safe because Inflation will eat up the value of the money.

Singapore Man of Leisure said...

1) coconut,

Yes, I am aware of it. That's why taking notes even though I don't practice it.

Good to know when spreaders will come and take the opposite side of my trades.

Big daddy says we must continuously upgrade ourselves mah!

2) Fat,

This is the same clown that tells you to double-down with only 1.5 weeks of track record.

Now he tells me this...

With friend like him, who needs enemies!?