Friday, August 16, 2013

Trading and Backache

Backache is now a common health problem for a number of traders as we spend more time sitting down starring at our computer screens.  An operation can cost from S$40k to S$70k in Singapore depend on skill of specialist and how sharp their knife is.  It's painful both ways.

I too started having backache a few years back and visited the Chinese Sinseh (doctor) often until I came across this video by a old Chinese master who magnanimously shared it over Youtube.  It's free, just some simple back strengthening exercises that straighten up the spine. I tried doing it everyday and it really helps. Save money from going to a Chiropractor or a Chinese Sinseh.

Keep fit and stay healthy!


coconut said...

you damn right! i had slip disc!

my chair are modified to extreme "low profile" like a sport car.

my cats also help to shape the chair til very "fury and soft" haha.

coconut said...

sadly, mine is a serious case genatic disorder and not even doctors can do anything except to modify the spine through operation to reduce the pain which i dd not.

mysteriosly, as i grow older, the pain is occurring less and less probably due to the hardening of bones but i would probably cannot walk properly when i grow even older.

i'm prepared.

Fat88Trader said...

Coconut, since you are prepared for your fate, then why not take preventive steps to stop it from happening? Or delay the process.

Meanwhile enjoy your life while the going is still good.

coconut said...

you bet i would, i took the matter in my own hand, started to play golf where i thought was a silly game.

my bro who also got this terrible problem opt for the ops and though reduce the pain, does not really helps in the mobility. i'm a sport person, i don't want it to happen to me.

i guess i have enough fun already.