Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Risk Free Business

I have been quite free, in semi retirement, playing the game Candy Crush most of the time and suddenly become very busy because of this Business that was introduced to me, what a challenge!
There are some reasons why I want to go into this business. I was told about this business last year and I never gave it a thought because it's just another MLM company and the products were expensive. My sister in law enrolled me in October 2012 even though I told her I am not interested in the products and the business.  I didn't buy a single product, probably because she was new to this business and didn't know the products well and also didn't know how to present the business properly to me.  She has never done any business before but she kept buying products under my name and enrolled 2 people under me.
On a recent trip to China, I met up with a friend working as a manager in the beauty industry and she asked me whether there are any good beauty products from Singapore that they can import into China and sell in their shop.  That's when I started to look around for beauty products and revisited the website of Jeunesse Global and asked for more information from my sister-in-law. I went to visit the Singapore office at International Plaza and listened to a talk on this business on the 24th July 2013.
There I was introduced to a gentleman called Eric who is an accountant and owned an Auditing firm. He explained the compensation plan to me and the reasons why he joined the company after studying the company in detail, spending weeks in the office scrutinising the operation as well as visiting other MLM offices, studying the products and comparing compensation plan before he started introducing his business associates to Jeunesse Global.
Jeunesse Global have a Binary compensation plan and Eric was placed under me by someone above me and his organisation grew very fast in the last few months, his growth benefited me because I have accumulated more than 19,000 points on my left leg from his group effort. I can't realise this points which is equivalent to about US$1,100 if I don't start building this business on my right leg. And the points keep accumulating every day as the group keep growing, it would be such a waste if I don't do anything. Eric is such humble person, quiet and so willing to spend time sharing with me even though it's the first time we met.
I went back very happy, spend some time studying into details about the products of this company and learned that they are in latest technology of stem cells and anti-aging products for redefining youth.  All of us grow old, we want to look younger and we also want to be healthier.  I went through a lot of testimonies from posting in Youtube and Youku.
Last Saturday I attended a talk in Jeunesse office by a young doctor Wanty from Indonesia to share his experience and the products. A few years back his father was diagnosed with Cancer and he spent much time caring for his father as well as bringing him to Singapore and China for treatment in a wheelchair.  His sister's friend from Australia introduced one of Jeunesse product and this product "Reserve" helped his father recover from Cancer and he is now healthy. 
I met up with Dr Wanty yesterday afternoon at the Jeunesse office and had a nice long chat with him.  This young doctor is another such a humble guy who is just a Pearl Director now and is willing to fly in from Jarkata, Indonesia to share with us even though he is not paid to do so and don't have any people enrolled here under him. 
Initially he was not interested in this MLM business, being a doctor, he had no time and declined many offers from friends in various MLM companies.  The sister in Australia joined Jeunesse Global two and a half years ago as a member to buy Reserve at wholesale price so that his father can consume the product. Her upline enrolled a Malaysian and was placed under her, and this organisation grew tremendously in the last two years, she did nothing.
Dr Wanty opened his Ipad and show me his sister's accumulated points on one leg, wow, close to 400,000 points! and it's still growing every minute from somewhere around the world. There are currently 2,900 members from all over the world that just flow down and keep expending. This is just part of the income she can have if she is willingly to build the business on the other leg. So now he is trying to build the business for her as well as sharing his knowledge with anyone who is interested.
Below are some of the reasons why I am interested to build this business.
1.  It is a global E-commerce business with a robust computer/accounting system for doing business anywhere in the world that Jeunesse can deliver the products.  Enrol friends or anyone you know from the Internet as members to enjoy wholesale prices.
2. Unique products that are consumable, when the products are good, you are in the right business.
3. Good management and leadership, a company that is bestowed the Rising Star Award by the Direct Selling Association recently on July 3rd 2013 with sales of more than US$200 million in just 4 short years. Jeunesse is entering into the Chinese market through Hong Kong with sales of more than US$6 million in the month of June.
4..Low capital outlay, the risk is low, no liability compared to conventional business, anyone can start doing this business anytime.
5. No experienced is required, coaching is provided by the company as well as the uplines who bring you into the business.  After about a year into the business, my sister-in-law is now a Sapphire Executive, she is a housewife with 2 kids to look after, she put in effort to keep talking to people about the benefits of this product. She is now having some side income without any knowledge about running a business.
6. Flexible timing, do the business at one's own pace without any worries unlike conventional business over rental, staffs and unforeseen circumstances.
7. Leverage, on the effort of those people you enrolled, this is where the big money comes in, and the business continue to run 24 hours internationally.
8. Jeunesse offer a good and fair compensation plan to reward all levels of Executives and Directors, Incentive trips as well as monetary challenges occasionally.
9. Growth potential is tremendous since it's a young company.
10. No logistic problem, no shop front required, no office required, no warehousing and keeping stocks, all will be handled by the company.
11. It's a easy to learn business, sign up through Internet, payment through Internet and get the goods delivered to your doorstep, it can be done in more than 80 countries around the world!
12. Finally, if one do not wish to do the business, there is no maintenance required, no compulsory buying of goods every month. And, for business builders, it's just 60 CV maintenance per month.  That's just a packet of Reserve or Serum, that's all that is required for anyone to receive residual income.
13. Get your own website after signing up, mine is http://www.fat88trader.jeunesseglobal.com/
Knowledge is important, so take a look at the product, just Google and one can find all type of information from the Internet. Search "Resveratrol", an ingredient in Jeunesse best selling product, it is especially good for people who have diabetes, heart disease, reduce weight and many other benefits.  My mother-in-law's diabetes improves a lot after taking Reserve for 2 months, I will try to get the evidence of her medical report.
In China, go to this youku website by this American Chinese who went to Taiwan to give a presentation. http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDczNjI4NjUy.html , http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzYwMTgzMTI4.html or youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwxjmCNjtYo (Preview)
 and other videos on product knowledge.
For English go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsvJlcqrTT8 (Preview)
 and other videos.
From Eric,  an accountant stand point, doing this business is not difficult and no risk at all, we can get information on the Internet, introduce our friends from all over the world to check it out and help those who have problem with their health and those who want to look younger. You can even make friends through the Internet and introduce them this business.  
From my view, every business is tough in the beginning, takes time to learn, there are plenty of rejections, just need to persevere towards your dream, just like my sister-in-law, nothing great now but in a few years time, she might be a Diamond Director. 
For those who wish to work together with me, please contact me at fat88jeun@yahoo.com for more information. Do the business at your own pace.
Below are details of our Chinese Opportunity conducted by our "Diamond Director" from the US, Ms Tina Hu.
Date: 12 August 2013
Time: 7.30pm – 10.00pm
Venue: Novotel Clarke Quay 
Cinnamon BallRoom Level 5
177 River Valley Road

Admission: Free and come early to ensure a seat.

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