Friday, September 14, 2012


Are we hitting a resistance for the Euro at this level in the Daily chart? The upmove has been very powerful, picking the top at your own risk.

The MACD in the 4 hourly chart has failed many times to cut down, can only sell when it cut down again, just have to wait patiently for the Bulls to exhaust themselves.


coconut said...

wait! i haven't finish writing the last one.

"don't come don't come, one come all comes" haha.

coconut said...

fat you must be very free trading at home.

starting to feel how i feel all this time?

i like to be free and alone, it allows me to do lots of thinking and trading, no destubent.

coconut said...

good news, mine ofcos, i recovered my 2 lost orders. only panalty is the comms.

but the market had stalled, not too sure i want them any more haha.

Fat88Trader said...

Oh yes, I have more time now since I stopped scalping but I still have a habit of looking at the market constantly. Am I doing the wrong thing if I want to go long term?

I will be busy the next few months to renovate my new house and after that will travel more often. I am still finding my direction as what I intend to do next.

Meanwhile will blog during this window period.

coconut said...


coconut said...

oh you ask a question?

" Am I doing the wrong thing if I want to go long term?"

you answer me first, "Am I doing the wrong thing that i keep looking at pretty girls?"

i guess the answer is the same.

meaning (just in case you miss it) yes ofcos, just don't get affacted by it.

coconut said...

i mean no, you are not doing the wrong thing in my opinion.

coconut said...

now you know why i got my 2 orders upside down haha.

Fat88Trader said...

Ok, got you Coconut, will pay attention to pretty girls at a distance, don't want to be slap by them.