Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I'm fine, still alive and not having any nose cancer that spread to my throat.  Dear Singapore Forex Trader, you are really a disgrace to our country, have your facts first before spreading any rumours and lies posting comments on other people's blog. You are such a coward! So evil.  For goodness sake, spend sometime to do good deeds instead of constantly thinking how to harm others by stabbing them from behind. 


coconut said...

god damit! i had been torarate his f.cking rumours for some time now!

can't even dare to mention it again. what a relief!


Singapore Man of Leisure said...

Take care Fat!

May the dragon spirit in all of us get you through whatever challenge you are facing.

Give time time.

coconut said...

and this rumous was actually pointing at me cos i mentioned it here!

i suffer more than you do fat haha.

kk said...

What happened to you, Tw Kia???
You were an ex-simex local and yet you did such a ungraceful act. I suggest you get your closed friends to go through all your posts and give you their fair comment. Is this your true self? Sad for you.
Btw, the lcoal community have clues to your real identity..

coconut said...

the talk of the town - business venture, or more pecifically why most traders lost in biz venture or even investment.

very simple, trading or speculations are not business.

i started out as a businessman and was actually making some money out of it. in the early 90's (a booming time), with 3 business on hand and i was managing one of them. yes one that i very familar and very good at.

just like work, i hate managing it and after i found trading full time, i eventually quits all of them.

business is about making money and speculation is about choosing how you want to live your life. the choice is easy for me.

Bala C said...

Dear FATT,

I just noticed that you have started writing BLog again,

Belated Happy New Year wishes :)

I pray that you will be back to your normal power trading soon.