Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Lunar Dragon Year

Wish All a Happy and Propserous Dragon Year!

I believe this will be a good year to be back into the stock market. All the Feng Shui Masters were so wrong last year predicting a rosy outlook, instead the Singapore market came off about 17%. Trust your own judgement and money manage your own portfolio, always stay with blue chip stocks with good dividend track record, they have not fail me so far.

A friend told me that my personal problem is like having a big bad position,  I need time, effort and patience to slowly unwind and salvage the losses. Yes, I'm tired, very tired indeed, even finding the time to put my thoughts here, I simply can't concentrate.


KAW said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai to FAT & all readers here!

coconut said...

fat your personal problem is not of health issue right? i really hope not.

oh you have realise you have a position? thats good for you. how nice if one can get rid of it like cutting your losses. i know life is not as easy as in trading, or maybe for some people, the other way around.

is good years ahead? i don't have that much confident however i am starting to buy back some shares so that i can live on with, just in case i'm wrong.

hope this year will be your turn around.

coconut said...

i should use the word simple rather than easy, its effect are quite different.

i try my best to simplify things in life and extent to every espect including trading. i learn from trading and apply to life and i learn from life experience and apply to trading.

i don't plan in detail whats my next trade, neither do i have a future plan for my life.

i'm not saying one should not plan but by alining your concept of living your life and trading and make them simpler and identifiable, it makes my trading much easier. it also take away much of the joy and pain.

coconut said...

so when you aline your concept of life and trading, you will probably find 90% are not comforming.

there is a vast misconception either in your trading or running your life. until you identify where are these misconception of yours, you will not solve your problems in trading.

my experience tells me that in my case, most of my out of line concept comes from my life, not from my trading. contrary with others who will change their trading (strategies), i change my perception of my life and my trading results changes as well.

catch no balls? haha.

kk said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Fatt, 既来之,则安之.

A nice song for you..

coconut said...

my buddy is single, many years ago he was a taxi driver driving night shift. occasionary he will drop by at my place before even midnight and we go for drinks, some time until the next morning.

as usual he will complain how difficult is to be a taxi driver, the feeling sickness when he started the engine.

living with his parent, i knew most of his income goes to 4D and toto, he is such an addict. so i repeatedly advise him to stop buying 4D and switch to a part time job or part time taxi. unfortunately, it take him a few years to realising it.

today he is helping a friend doing part time and no longer buy 4D in a big way. he even save up and has a small mini stock portfolio.

we always try to solve our problem by looking at the problem itself. the thing that gives us pain. but most often it is the other things that gives us pleasure/joy that should be looking into and get rid of.

coconut said...

few weeks ago i went lunch with my buddy and spotted a billiard saloon. we decided to go for a game and i told him that i will crash him into pieces!

my buddy was just a ball picker to me but the problem is, i have not been playing for a long long time.

wow totally out of form, can't even pot the simplest shot. you know, thomas ang was once my playing partner although i never beat him! damn.

i was quite a good player but the problem is that it was many years ago. now i almost lost to my ball picker. after only one game, we cash out!

to me, i was a good player isn't mean a lot to me, thats history. what is important is now. now that i can't even hold my clue and aim properly. who cares. i got better things to do.

coconut said...

this is very interesting read,

it shows that autistic (child) are not stupid as they seem, they are highly inteligent!

give them a computer and they will do wonders (like me) haha.

coconut said...

one of my sign of autistic is i cannot remember names with faces. when i see someone farmilar, i will not know their names.

you can tell me five times your name after we first meet for a short while and i still cannot remember your names.

but i'm good at nicks but most people don't like it.

coconut said...

although autism is a medical terms only use for serious cases of mental incapability, but all of us still suffer from its syntom one way or another.

its a wide syntom that range from very mile to serious. i rank myself somewhere in the middle.

so if one think one is mentally normal, start thinking again.

Kwang said...

hey patrick! happy new year!
take care with ur health and your problems.

Fat88Trader said...

Thank you all for the concern, it will take time to settle my thoughts.

I need time and patience to deal with the biggest challenge of my life.