Sunday, February 13, 2011

5 Days of Selling in the Simsci

I was too busy to update the blog for the past 2 weeks, so many things to do during the Chinese New Year, no wonder some Chinese hate the CNY. But it's our culture to celebrate with numerous feast, visiting relatives and friends that we may meet only once a year, as well as reciprocate by inviting them to our house.

There are plenty of preparation such as spring cleaning up the house and decorating it, making cookies, shopping for new clothes, stocking up the house with soft drinks and food.

The Simsci slide the whole week with market closing lower everyday despite the S&P surging up almost everyday hitting pre-crisis high before the Lehman collapse.

Many Simsci traders were caught by the relentless selling from Day 1 to Day 5 of the suppose prosperous Rabbit Year. Almost all analyst have predicted a roaring start for the Singapore stock market this year and they were so wrong.

The Big boys are still the one controlling the market with their funds withdrawing from Emerging markets and returning back to the Develop markets.

I was caught too for being not objective enough, our economy is sound, we have fantastic growth and the local companies are well managed with many reporting profits within expectation. I'm still puzzled by the selling for 5 days, couldn't believe it, that's why I lost money.

I was angry for not capitalizing on the downward move, good volatility and yet not able to make money. My trading volume increases tremendously, my losses are mostly commissions.

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