Saturday, January 24, 2009

Trading Courses

There are 2 courses for traders who would like to improve themselves on the Exchange website, .

Technical Analysis for Professional Traders (S$800.00) on the 14 and 15 February 2009 by a fellow trader Tom Yuen (YCK) and Advance Technical Analysis with Interactive Trading & Professional Mentoring (S$3,000.00) on 21,22 and 23 February 2009 by LED.

I have known both YCK and LED for a close to 20 years during my floor trading days. They are both very good and successful traders with proven creditable track records.

LED is one of the best trader in the Exchange making S$20 million in 3 short years since becoming a Local in 1989. There is no doubt about his achievement especially when most traders like us started with a small capital base to trade initially. That's many thousand percent returns on capital! Wow! I don't know any other trader who can match his record, though there are many who made that amount over a longer period of time.

LED is a extremely helpful and generous person with many traders seeking his help when they were caught with unwanted positions. I heard he even help a big trader with some long Nikkei position during the 911 terrorist attack. On the following Monday when the Tokyo market opens, the Nikkei crashes to hit 2 limit down! Nobody else would have help in such a situation. I have the highest regard and respect for LED.

I understand LED has been called upon by the Exchange to help train traders and develop the futures trading community. It's really generous of him to share his trading system and techniques.

I highly recommend the 2 course to those traders on the line and those who would like to learn from the best traders in town.

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