Sunday, December 16, 2012

Account 8030, 16/12/2012

The Nikkei 8500 Dec put option expired on the 14/12/2012.

The Shanghai A50 CN December contract  has a unrealised profit of USD 830.

I have adopted a very conservative approach for this account so far without taking much risk, in fact under utilising my margin. It must be a joke to most of my fellow traders. I am experimenting with this account with a longer term view to achieve my objective of 10% return per annum. I am still in a learning phase, maybe too slow for most to stomach, don't forget I am in semi retirement.  Probably I will take a more aggressive approach once I have build up enough confidence and foreign capital for this account.

So, anyone want to employ me as a consultant for a 10% return?

I don't believe in losing money, that's my major weakness, kiasu and kiasi now. I have taken too much risk in the past, now I am questioning myself how could I have taken those reckless risk.

Maybe I am just a good and skilful gambler With a Little Luck and dedicate this song (one of my favourite) to those who need it.


KAW said...

slow and steady wins the game, cheers!

coconut said...

ya luck is good but it don't come easy!

Fat88Trader said...

Lady Luck always follow the skillful and the knowledgeable.

coconut said...

not really, look at ringo starr, he is just a drummer, he can't sing, he can't write songs.

he got the other beatles to write songs for him, even to sing for him, what a lucky guy! he is richer than most popular singers around.

here's another one,

how i wish i was him.

KAW said...

Its like in Chinese saying of "zhen cai" or "pien cai" thingy...latter is what I don't have, so I save quite a fair bit from buying 4D/Toto/BigSweep :)

shanta islam said...

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