Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This Son of a Gun

Some how or rather I have offended this Son of a Gun who is following my blog very closely and hammering me viciously in his blog. He has a personal grudge to run me down which I have tried to ignore.

It started when this "twkia" posted comments on the AFACT FORUM and attack all the trainers from SGX Academy. He is one of our fellow floor trader but we do not know who he is, what a shame. We tried to reconcile with him by inviting him to our AFACT gathering so as to settle any misunderstanding, he agreed but obviously chicken out at the last minute.

He is filled with so much hatred for SGX and especially me who called him to show face, step forward and don't be a coward. Why hide behind a skirt and keep attacking us? He dared not take up any of the challenges thrown at him despite giving him all the advantage. That obviously infuriated him and from then on he set up another blog to attack me.

From his earlier blog post, this Son of a Gun is not only vicious, but cruel, spearing penguins as his hobby. With such a wicked mind, I don't know why he still visit the temple to ask for blessings. Who is he praying to? If there is KARMA, then this coward would most probably be a penguin in his next life.

Despite being blessed with an intelligent mind and a healthy body, he chose to be a Big Bully on the Internet calling me all sort of names. Don't know who his father is, obviously never teach him how to be humble and respect others including animals. The Earth turns around, one of this day Heaven will punish him and make him learn how to be humble.

Dear readers, Have I mislead you here in my blog with regard to trading? Have I commented or attack this Son of a Gun in any of my post?

Though I despise this coward, I would like to thank him for polishing my head and to let him know I have another smoother head for him since he enjoyed it so much.

It's time for me to take a break from writing so as not to create more jealousy and hatred. I'm not here to gain fame or to sell anything to my readers but just to share some of my trading experiences.

I would like to thank those who have shown appreciation and Coconut for being so kind to add in his thoughts.


coconut said...

why stop writing? i have not clean your mind yet! haha, i mean i have not finish learning yet.

everyone born different, especially our mind, a very complex organisim.

i born with autism. they are very common around if one look carefully. usually afact in childhood. syntom like speach and behavour control, many with mind difficiency. they have very little friends and keep everything by themselves.

i'm lucky to have a high IQ (147) thats why i can trade. but if you look at what i talk, almost like rubbish.

so unless you are in the same shoe, you'll never understand why some do what they do.

anyway many thanks to fat who so generiouly allow me to mess up his home, er i mean his blog haha.

Fxtrader said...

Ah Huat,

Don't stop writing. Keep sharing your ideas here for the benefit of all.

Your experience is invaluable.

Don't have to care about the other blogger who flamed you. Live your life, you don't have to be irritated. He's not your boss and you don't draw your salary from him right?



coconut said...

very busy during market closing, when markets are about turn, top and bottom usually, many are confuse and you see many things flying all direction. thats when opportunity arise where you try to take advantage of the market difficiency.

so picking tops and bottom are dangerous is nonsense, they don't know how to pick. everywhere in the market are dangerous not just top and bottom.

yes i seconded fxtrader, who's good and who's not i can tell the different, beside this is the only place i can call home inside my home.

kk said...


Fatt is a upright and respectable trader in our trading community. I can vouch for Fatt that he is always very frank to newbies who aspire to become trader, warning them of the risks involved. I am sure he didnt mislead anyone to go into trading.
Fatt is also making significant contribution towards the trading community via afact.

All eyes can see, except those blindly by hatred.


coconut said...

ya this guy really need help and fast. no doubt he is sharp and really obsess with trading with very good imagination. but he is actually "walk fire into the devil" (chinese).

no cause of anybody but himself. but i feel really sorry for him.

coconut said...

fat, this guy will never show his face, he is suffering the same as i did, which is complete closure of oneself.

becos of internet, he can throw all his thought and frastration into anybody without fear (just like i write my thoughts) but comes face to face, he is speechess.

like i say, its part of autism.

coconut said...

yes i know! cos i'm one and i had read through all his blog posting.

so be relax and not get upset over it, its really is his imagination gone wild.

Jules said...

Hi Patrick,

I was back at my workstation to shut down my pc when I saw your post....just wanna drop a quick note to say I'm sorry you feel that you have to stop writing.

I like both you and SFT, so I shan't say more.

I just wish you'll continue to write.

coconut said...

the word IQ does not mean anything to me when i was in sec 2, all of us are required to take the test, and supposingly to be secret even for the teacher.

one day my form teacher call to us, "who is the person who series number is xxxx", i raised my hand and he just reply "ok", i became a little worry cos i remember the test was very wired and i must have make a very big mistake.

after class he talk to me in private and told me about my score and i was top of my school but wanted me to keep it secret. he does look pretty surprise on his face.

and that year while i was preparing to give up schooling becos there is no way i can pass my chinese which is my first language, i misterously got 60 marks, exactly the passing marks.

this is my true story, but notice that the guy next door also like to write something like this nature, more particularly about himself.

coconut said...

oh, i still flank my chinese in my "o" level, probably the only one in my school, ending my chance of any further study.

coconut said...

a sign of autism.

i have a close family member, a child still who is so naughty, but when comes to cleaning his school shoes, he will spend 2 to 3 hours to make it shinning white!

no food no drinks and don't allow anyone to come close. and that is obsession.

that gentlement next doors too is obsess with what he is doing, and it can go on and on, non stop.

luckily mine is the obsession on trading and speculations, i can do it on and on, non stop.

coconut said...

i guess fat had really suffer not one but two crazy guys who mess up his good intention to share his trading experiences.

my intention is good but still uncontrolable i admit and i do feel pretty bad about it.

autistic or not, there is no excuses, for we are all adults and must hold responsible for what we did.

Bala C said...

Dear FATT,

Whem you are a popular public figure, you are bound to have such things.

Kindly ignore them and proceed with your noble journey of helping budding traders.

We are with you !!

Singapore Man of Leisure said...

1) Hello Fat,

I respect your decision to take a rest from writing. But I will wait patiently for your return ;)

Maybe next year I will bump into you at Mei Ling Hawker center!?

I am also a botak head. I think we look damn cool! Vested interest... LOL!

2) Hello Coconut,

Thanks for sharing. Now I understand you better. When I first came here, I just thought you say what you feel immediately without "washing". I find that very refreshing!

Hey! That means we both the same O' level school leaver!?

It's a pity that the private education system in Singapore not so developed in the late 70s. Now the younsters have more alternative higher education choices - chinese not needed.

We look forward! Hope one day got chance to meet you in person.

KAW said...

FATT, may the force be with you!

sm@ll.fry said...

Dear Patrick,

I enjoy reading your blog very much. Not only like your posts, but also comments by other like-minded individuals exp coconut.

For inspiring newbies like myself, AFACT and the many seniors I've met through AFACT have been very helpful and sefless in sharing. I'm very thankful to be part of this community.

Look forward to your next post!


GNY said...

I am gratified to have the opportunity to speak to Fatt on several occasions and can attest to his sincerity towards newbies. Like many of the well respected traders in the AFACT community, Fatt will not hesitate to guide aspiring traders and offer well meaning advice.

A person's integrity will always be intact regardless of name calling.

I hope Fatt will return to write soon so that his many readers can continue to benefit from his sharing.

GNY said...

On a side note to Coconut, your comments are wise and insightful. Please keep them coming, thank you.

coconut said...

my favourate war movie "all quite on the western front".

yes, fat need not be up set at all. know the person (profile), know the situation, its really nothing, even he is directing against me.

i can't say too much cos i want to enjoy my movie.

coconut said...

a personal view on the locals and the floor.

i was stragering with my trading after a 2 good year running, back in the 90s. my broker my lost friend kept telling me "go to the floor! go to the floor!" he knows i can trade.

but when i recall how the floor looks like, traders shouting, pushing, screming almost like throwing punches, there is no way i want to go there, its worst then hell (sorry guys).

so it is natural for me to develop the negative feeling towards those that is down there, the struture and the organisation.

who cares about the comms. so back on my losing path.

thats a personal view at that time and i wasn't trading right.

coconut said...

wow, this is a very good article on trading.

"What IS the definition of a successful trader? He should feel good about himself and enjoy playing the game."

ya you must enjoy it and not feeling pressure most of the time. if every time you pull the trigger and your heart is ponding, than something is wrong somewhere.

read the article yourself -

coconut said...

ok lets go a little deeper into what it means by "enjoying the game" or at least in my term.

i'm a 20 handicapper and i like golf, i'm addicted to the game but not enjoying it. you hear me right.

people who sit at the black jack table (like my dad) is addicted to it, not enjoying it. you hear me right again.

no doubt that when i started trading, i too becomes addicted to it but i thought i was enjoying it.

i feel happy when i win but i feel very low when i lost. thats not enjoyment!

like the autor of the article say, the enjoyment is in the process of learning (or did he say that? i forgot) and not the process of trading in and out of the market.

now here's the big point, learning what? i think some might guess it right - yourself and how your ideas and believes (not others) fit and don't fit into the market as well as in life.

in another words, do you enjoy learning about yourself in relation to the market and not just the market itself.

ok more simple term, do you like to strip naked in front of the market or hiding yourself in a corner and look at the market, don't forget the word enjoyment.

again, "know yourself, know your enemy (the reflexion or opposite of yourself) you will win all battle"

coconut said...

by the way, every time when i am hitting a golf shot (especially the first tee) in the course, my heart is always ponding.

and sometime you really feel like breaking all the clubs in your bag in the middle of a round!

cos i'm only a 20 handicapper, and i expect myself to play like the pro.

coconut said...

lets round up this post with this lovely song

love her so much.