Sunday, June 26, 2011

Busy Month

It's been a busy June with the school holidays, friends visiting from China followed by friends from Thailand that I couldn't find the time to update my blog.

I just don't seems to have enough time, scalping is taking up too much of my energy especially against the machines. I'm getting tired, need a break, my mind is blank.

My home laptop is giving me problem, constant reminder that the harddisk is going to crash, I can't even publish my post, can only save now and publish them in the office.

I just wonder whether those previous lessons were too boring, sorry for not being able to express them well.


coconut said...

definately not boring, not many pro do what you do, none so far.

even i'm experience, i learn more about trading and myself relative to other traders, valuable.

hope i have the kind of friends you have haha, take care.

coconut said...

mind is blank? mine's not,

after japan quack, my port turn to net short position, yes my entire protfolio with helps from the futures.

i also put up my last property for sale, come and grab it please.

other than that, my mind is also blank.

coconut said...

also an important news on the stock market front..

SGX will tighten the spread (bid and ask) for most of the counter, go to SGX web site for details.

purpose is to encourage more speculation (cost saving for investor accordingly to SGX) both retail and institutions.

win win on both side, how nice.

Kerry Wilcock & Anna Tsang said...

yes, futures market definitely harder to trade.
Asian market seemed to be pricing overnight moves in US market making it harder to take trades if one is conservative.

Hi cooconut, the property you are putting fro sale, is it one that you are currently living in and thinking of renting instead to recycle capital?

coconut said...

oh, recycle capital? i like to do that, its fully paid and the proceed will be additional capital for trading stocks.

coconut said...

funny my first reply was missing...

hi anna, its a rented property. but i will put up my residential apt for sale if i need to, done it before, if so will just rent an apt for time being.

Lin said...

Hi, your lessons are definitely not boring and I appreciate them. Its always good to have someone reminding me who is just starting out on the amount of hard work and dedication required.

Btw, I have trying to read up on trading calendar spreads but noted that there's a lack a resources online or in books that I can find, will you be able to recommend any good books or resources?

Fat88Trader said...

Thank you all for the support, especially my dear friend, coconut.

Hi Lin, how do you want to trade calendar spread? It's very tough to compete with traders who are using machine to trade them, you don't have the edge in term of speed, it's not worth the effort.

Scalping is getting tough too, I would advice any new trader to focus on Day trading instead, learn to be very very patient, be selective with your trade and ride the profit. If the profit is small, you are not trading right.

Lin said...

I am trying to learn to hold my trades. At the moment, I am setting my take profits at 3X my stop losses while protecting my stop loss as prices move up.

Still learning while trying to improve everyday.

coconut said...

hi, 3 times the ratio vs losses is the most common ratio used as far as i know, its not a good idea to use it.

when i first started many years ago, i used 1 to 1.5 times the ratio. not too bad the results consider a new bird.

coconut said...

i remember trading coffee C back then, shorting from 90c to 60c. how to lose money?

than it when from 60c to 90c and i'm still shorting, how to win money?

account when from 5k to 15k back to zero haha.