Saturday, January 22, 2011

Trader's Symposium

I have been invited again to be one of the speaker at the Trader's Symposium this year. It's kind of challenging to find a topic to share with aspiring traders and motivate them when they can learn it from books and magazines.

What can I share with them in just half an hour?

What would they like to know?

I still have a few months to think about a topic to share and to deliver it honestly on something I have been doing for the past 25 years.

Traders need to be very flexible to adapt as the market condition keep changing with new and better players. My brother, one of the most consistent trader, took a tumble recently and he realised that the strategy he has been using is not working. His cash register suddenly stopped and need servicing.

He need adjustment to tackle the market. That's what makes trading so challenging, change is needed constantly to stay in the game. He managed to keep his losses small, that's what make him a rather good trader, I have great respect for him.

When you are a small fish in a big ocean, survival skill is vital.


forex ranger said...

Hi Fatt

In my opinion, you already have the topic spot on in this post ie sharing about what your brother or any other trader may have been through this stage one way or another.

The Trader's Symposium is another great place and time apart from AFACT activities for traders to share, discuss and learn skillset, experiences and exposures to strive and survive in the ocean of orca, great white, and piranhas!

What do you think?

Fat88Trader said...

Yes, one subject that I would really like to touch on is EDGE.

We are losing out to the HFTs (High Frequency Traders.

coconut said...

great topic to cover! whats my edge?

- it is my ability to ride big profit which i'm not able to do it long ago.

- it is my ability to go long (the stock market) which i feel very uncomfortable doing it long ago.

- it is my ability to switch from long to short to long to short very quickly which i'm not able to do long time ago.

- it is my ability to keep trading journal which i not willing to do long ago.

- it is my ability to study the market and analyst my trade before the market open which i think is a waste of time long time ago.

- as for those that i'm good at, like cutting losses, catching falling knifes etc long time ago, i still keep them.

at the end, it is the ability to be a flexible, contraditing, chaotic two sided trader or at least this is what i'm trying to do at this very moment.

as for the big institute and their HFT, no time to worry about them.

Fat88Trader said...

HFTs have not enter into your turf yet to cause any problem for you.

Most traders didn't feel it 3 years ago, but it's pain in the ass now.

If you are not a scalper, then it's ok. There are still a lot of Yum trades in the stock market.