Sunday, February 28, 2010

Financial Jargon

The Financial Association of Singapore (FPAS) announced they are going to launch a online dictionary that aims to shed light on the notorious jargon that so annoys investors. It will give consumers a better understanding of financial products so they can make informed investment decisions. It seek to explain in clear, layman's language, what financial terms actually mean, in order to remove any ambiguity. Don't know when it will be ready.

I came across an interesting advice on decoding fund brochures by a reformed broker, Joshua M Brown at

Fund Brochure Says and What it really means ..

Ultra - Leverage to the Hilt

Global - We"ll chase stocks for you whichever country is most overheated right now.

Clean/Green - A basket of government-subsidized experiments and some shares of G.E.

Deep Value - We will invest in sewing machines and typewriter companies.

Premium - We Will pay up for high-multiple stocks/ you pay up in fees.

Socially Responsible - No such thing - all corporations are evil, sucker.

Diversified - We will basically buy the Index and go golfing.

Enhanced - Uses exotic derivatives you've never heard of.

Balanced - We will under perform both the bond and the stock market. You're welcome.

Aggressive Growth - Collection of Chinese online gaming stocks and New Jersey Bio tech start ups.

Lifecycle - We can see 20 years into the future only Putman knows when and how you will die.

Moderate Allocation - Gutless Fund Manager.

Quantitative - Manager will take credit for Up years, blame computers for Down years.

Endeavour/Opportunities - We will throw darts.

Core - No need to speed it out, send us everything you have.

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