Sunday, December 13, 2009

Feng Shui

"The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself" - Douglas MacArthur

I'm just a half believer, still sceptical about the motives of the so call "Shi Fu" or Master in able to change my luck, avoid disaster or helping to turn a failing business around, fees upfront.

Being a trader, I still believe in a certain element of luck, a small percentage, probably if I feel lucky, most certainly I would make money on that day. I love to buy stones, crystals, glassware, Idols, etc that I think would bring luck to me, place them around the house and my trading table. My wife think I am nuts.

On my recent holiday trip to Taiwan, the tour guide brought us to this Feng Shui Shop and of course the soft and hard sell to change luck for the better. I was told Singapore has very good Feng Shui, and our MM is a firm believer, many projects were made with the consultation of a very famous Taiwan Feng Shui "Shi Fu"

Having bless to live in a good Feng Shui country, we need to have good Feng Shui at home too and to have good personal Feng Shui, always have a smiling face because that's the shape of the Chinese gold nugget, luck will be with you!

"Everything in life is luck" - Donald Trump, he is a damn lucky fellow!

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