Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dare to live your dream

"While there has been considerable investment in hardware, the key is still the individual - his training, courage and commitment" PM Lee Hsien Loong.

In a recent talk to some of the students during the review session of Tom's (YCK) class, I asked them "Who wants to be a professional trader?" Only two of the students timidly raised their hands shyly indicating their interest.

These students had taken the proactive step to go for training on the various charting strategies from one of the most knowledgeable trader on the subject. Are the students willing to put in the commitment? Do they have the courage to take up the challenge? Do they dare to live their dream and make it happen?

I like to read Dr Lee Wei Ling's articles on the Sunday Times and today she wrote about "Turning dreams into reality". "Singapore was built by a group of determined men who worked hard to realise their vision". I am extremely proud to be a Singaporean and very thankful to these "gentlemen".

"Fortune favours only those who grab the opportunities life offers. If the future has rough patches, we should simply accept that as a fact of life, and continue to make the best out of things."

Majority of the successful traders (old birds) I know don't come from well to do families, they struggled with determination and worked hard to realise their dream. There are also many new birds who are doing very well after a few years in trading, I was told some of them are now big size traders in the electronic platform.

What makes them so successful? How are they able to withstand the stress of having a few hundred outright position? Imagine the risk and think about their rewards. It's none other than having the COURAGE to trade what they believe in.

Still holding 3 long Topix/Nikkei spread in the special account, profit to date is S$8,814.00.


NgClan said...

FAT, your blog is very good. Interesting! Regarding this post, I think the amount of risks are huge in making a career switch to become a professional trader full time. It's very different from changing jobs where the monthly salary is guaranteed.

I gave up a full time decent paying job with good future to test my dreams. Luckily i have a very supportive family and gf. But I can only give myself 2 yrs to earn decently well, and that 2yrs can tell me how successful I'm likely to be - whether i deserve to be in the grp of 10% who makes 90% of the money.

If I cannot achieve it, I'm better off going back to the workforce since it'll also not be fair to my gf also (this is SG afterall).

If I don't do this now, the next time i'll do this is when i retire and i probably wouldn't be too serious in it coz high risk taking wouldn't be my objective when i'm in retirement mode.

I believe these are the issues facing prospective traders-to-be. It's a you-die-or-i-die world, zero sum game.

Now that I've made the decision to embark on this new career path, hopefully things work out well and will do well!


Fat88Trader said...

Thank you Leon, I,m glad you enjoyed reading my blog.

Believe in yourself.

Have faith in what you are doing.

If you have the determination to suceed, it's a matter of time you will make it.

I have seen many old birds taking one to three years to see the light in trading even though they had been very successful floor traders.

It's a cruel world, no doubt about it, especially in trading where it is a negative, negative sum game!

I respect your courage to take the giant step to embark on this new career path.

Work hard to make it happen, the road is long and winding, you will reach your destination one day.

My best wishes to you.

Good Luck!