Sunday, August 9, 2009

National Day

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln

Today is Singapore's National Day and I am proud to be a Singaporean. I am indeed grateful to one great man, Mr Lee kuan Yew, our first Prime Minister and his team of capable, uncorrupted collegues with a genuine vision to improve the lives of the ordinary citizens. Mr. Lee has laid the foundation for good governance and meritocracy with no mercy for corruption.

I can't imagine what would life be if we were under Mahathir, Suharto or Marcos in a country like Singapore that have no natural resouces for them to plunder. Yes, we are paying hefty salary to our Prime Ministers and his cabinets which I feel justifable for the peace and prosperity that we are enjoying today. That's my personal opinion.

It's our good fortune to have good leaders compared to all our neighbouring countries who are rich in resources, but with leaders first taking care of themselves, families and their cronies.

Last Tuesday, I went for another nose surgery to correct the everflowing mucous blocking my nose, making it so difficult for me to breath and sleep. I have sufferred for almost six months since the first operation in February and subsequently taken a few round of antibiotics to get rid of the infection or some 'bug' without success.

The first operation cost more than S$20,000.00 and this 2nd surgery cost more than S$4,000.00, S$1,000 goes to the Anaesthetist and S$1,500 goes to the surgeon for less than an hours work and that's at a discount. Total cost to date is S$25,000.00 and hopefully stop at that. Our money devalues very quickly, so how is the property prices going to come down? My mother complained that taxi fare is so high now especially during peak period with all the surcharges.

It's the ordinary citizen that's feeling the pinch now, the elite is still having a good time with CEO's and higher management staff rewarded generously with huge bonuses for their past performance. But do they pay back those bonuses when the company goes into the red?

Didn't trade much for the week, resting at home to recuperate. Good health is important to a trader.

Not much changes to our profit/loss account.


Jules said...

Hi Fat88 Trader,
I started reading your blog a few weeks ago and just want to let you know that I really enjoy your postings.

I love your sharing on trading from the arcade/pit and your musings, and I'm really curious about the trainers that you've recommended on your blog. I can't do the math though. The profits generated - is that from a capital pool by any chance?

Fat88Trader said...

Hi Jules,

Thanks for enjoying my postings though I am not very good in expressing myself.

The trainers are specially chosen and invited by SGX to do the training. I have known them for a long time and LED is a super trader, the best on the floor.

Apart from my own trading, I am also handling a special account, a bit sensitive to talk about it here.

I plan to gloom some traders once my health improve.

I enjoyed reading your blog too, being a newbie, it's amazing that you are able to double the capital in 2 months. That's very good returns.

I like your determination and your guts, you should be able to make it big one day.

Fat88Trader said...

I plan to groom not gloom, spelling mistake there.

Jules said...

:-) Yes, I figured you meant "groom".

Hope you are doing better after the operation?

So have you taken students before?

You trade from an arcade - is that coz you prefer to have trading buddies? Or simply coz home is distracting?

Your arcade is at Raffles place - the place we call The Arcade?

Pardon my questions. Just really curious in what you do. :-)

Jules said...

Oh by the way, I really like your motivational blog. JE (ES Trader) loves it too :-)

Fat88Trader said...

Hi Jules,

Thanks for your concern, I am still having headache for the past 1 week but I am feeling better by the day as my body start to recover, probably it takes longer to recover as we grow older.

I have not taken any student before, my cousin will be joining me in October and I intend to start the ball rolling from there.

I trade from the arcade because of the speed in execution for my style of trading (light scalping), spread trading and sometimes the "YUM" trade.

My wife don't distract me that much, only occasionally usually at the wrong time. I also enjoy that little bit of freedom for myself trading from the arcade. I also have great buddies whom we alert each other if any of the market start to move, with many more eyes.

I am with Phillip Futures at Phillip Street, Grand Building, behind Golden Shoe carpark.

If you wish to come down and take a look at the Phillip arcade, just let me know, you are most welcome.

We have form AFACT, Association of Financial & Commodity Traders to help connect traders and improve their trading skill.

Visit us at and join in our Forum, it's free, you will be able to learn and post questions on trading.

Wishing you good luck and hitting your objectives.

Jules said...

Yes, I would love to visit!! :-)
Glad that you're feeling better. You're NOT old. Wise, yes :-)

You're lucky to have just one distraction, if your Mrs is indeed a distraction at all :-) My cats scratch me the whole day, demanding food and attention LOL!

I'll drop by sometime next week...likely in the morning. Gather I'll need to print your pic and bring it along with me LOL!

Thank you so much :-)

Fat88Trader said...

OK you are most welcome, just let me know the day you are coming.

Usually I am at the arcade by 7.30 am to prepare for the day.

Nikkei open at 7.45am, Topix at 8.00am, Simsci at 8.30, Taiwan at 8.45 and HangSeng at 945am.

I will take a break at about 10.15/30 am after the Topix close for the 1st session.

If you want to see how I trade, you can come before any of the market opens.

Send me a email at so that I can give you my mobile no. whereby you can contact me before coming down.

Jules said...

Thank you , FT!! I really appreciate it! Will email you later today. Thanks so much again!