Thursday, July 9, 2009

Reality Bites

"Horse die, get down and walk" - Cantonese saying.

Read a report about more white collar Korean workers going into physically demanding work or traditional kind of manual labour, from farming and fishing to the professional back-scrubbers who clean patrons at the nation's numerous public bathhouses.

Their expectations hit the dark reality of this economy, where people have no choice but to go into the blue collar work force. "This work hurts my pride" and some say they feel guilty working such rough jobs after years of expensive cram schools and college.

Being paid S$2,500 as a crab farmer is considered one of the highest paying work in the current market, more than pouring lattes or busing tables in Seoul since the global downturn hammered this once fast growing export economy.

Most of my fellow traders are complaining but there are some who are still doing well and yet are also complaining. Luckily for me, I lead a simple lifestyle and have simple taste.

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