Saturday, November 1, 2008

New Account

I am setting up a new account to diversify the risk. It is partially funded by some good friends who have great appetite for risk taking. Futures trading is a highly risky business. Being in this business for more than 20 years, risk management is my forte, there is no room for being reckless.

My partner Robert (RBT) and I will be the adviser to this special account. I have known Robert for more than 15 years and have been very thankful to him for his encouragement and guidance after my return to electronic trading in the arcade. Robert is one of the most consistent trader I have known, a steady, calm and patient trader with a good grasp of the market. He is a very mature and confident trader, a rare gem!

I have absolute faith and trust in Robert's ability, integrity and honesty. I am very glad that he had agreed to work with me in building up this account. We have a very good cordial working relationship and great respect for each other.

For this account, we will take on day and position trading as and when we spot a trading opportunity that have a high probability of success. We will be more conservative in risk taking and thus a lower expectation. My target is to achieve a consistent return of minimum 1% per month.

It is a personal challenge for me to ensure the success of this account. Daily trading performance will be updated on Leverageresults on the right top corner for those who are keen to follow our progress.

Finally, I am extremely grateful to Peter (HWY) who have encouraged me to return to the arcade and George (FIG) who have given me many important pointers in trading.

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